The New and Improved Smart Trips Launches June 21st

Smart Trips Austin 2019 launches this year in an area consisting of several East Austin neighborhoods, and will cover a larger program area than ever before! The travel training program encompasses over 24,000 households over the course of six months. In addition, this year’s toolkit is digital, so residents do not have to live in the program area to apply.

The Smart Trips Austin program is designed to help Austinites find transportation solutions that work for their everyday trips. Whether it’s riding the bus, carpooling, biking, walking, or trying one of Austin’s ever-expanding mobility options, the goal of Smart Trips Austin is to help people get around—and avoid traffic in the process.

E-Toolkits & transportation resources

Smart Trips Austin is a partnership between the City of Austin and Capital Metro, and focuses on different neighborhoods within Austin each year. Smart Trips offers transportation information and resources, as well as provides one-on-one personalized support. This year, all households in the blue area outlined in the map below will receive information on how to sign up for the program directly in their mailbox.

Any resident, however, can sign up for resources such as custom maps, single-day bus passes, and transportation tips for getting around town without a car. Applicants just need to answer a quick, five-minute survey about how they commute to apply for a toolkit. This survey helps the Smart Trips Austin team better serve the community and track the success of the program over time. E-Toolkits are now also available in Spanish.

Customized events & training

Smart Trips Austin hosts free walks, bike rides and trainings, scooter tours, and transit adventures for residents to try out new modes of transportation while having fun at the same time. All events will start in the communities in this year’s program area. This year, the Smart Trips Austin team invites all Austinites to explore greater East Austin by using active transportation with Smart Trips Austin as their guide.

Action planning and route planning

Beyond the toolkit full of resources and customized events, Smart Trips Ambassadors will now offer one-on-one support to residents who need extra assistance in trying new transportation options. These ambassadors were hired from the community to share their knowledge of the area and will call or meet with residents to help create an action plan. This includes where people want to go, how they want to get there, what they need to do to prepare, what challenges they might encounter, and what routes they can take. Residents will receive a customized action and route plan by email and an ambassador will follow up a few weeks later.

Let’s get started!

Smart Trips Austin hopes to expose Austinites to all the transportation modes and discounted programs available in our community. If you live in the area and want to suggest an event or partner with our program please reach out to